About us

Attayf Group is a result of the success achieved by Ali Baba International center over the past years. In 2005, we established an academic center that provided Arabic Language courses for non-native speakers and has been a remarkable success since its inception. After years of development and success, our management decided to celebrate by establishing Attayf center, where we expanded our services to provide training courses for both individuals and corporations. These training courses specialize in foreign languages, computer literacy, management and finance.


At Attayf Group we strive to be the leading training organization in our field by developing the strengths and skills of adults. We foster a learning environment which respects intellectual and cultural pluralism so our students are well prepared to enter the international labor market. We aim to reinvest in our society by training young leaders who will be examples to their future communities, whatever their pursuit.


Attayf group delivers much needed training services and programs to those who want to join the labor market or are currently a part of it. We offer language courses, computer skills, managerial, and financial programs. These programs are taught by a multi-approach method which combines class curriculum and hands-on practice to thoroughly prepare our participants for the workplace. Utilizing diversity is one of the main principles at Attayf group. We believe in encouraging multiculturalism throughout our community and seek to contribute to an ever-opening and developing society.