Income and Sales Tax

100 JD
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JD 100
Course overview

This course explains the income and sales taxes both theoretically and practically in addition to the regulations and rules issued in their regards. 


Course Importance
This course is regarded as one of the most important courses for accountants working in Jordan for the knowledge and skills it provides. It helps preparing financial lists that go along the income and sales taxes.

Course Information

Course trainer

Qualified and highly experienced trainers

Course hours

40 hours (practical)

Course certificate

Approved from the ministry of labour

Course days and times

Saturdays 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Sunday and Tuesday 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Course fees

100 JD


Course objectives
  •   Explain the law of income tax 34/2014 and the edited law 38/2018 in addition to the regulations and limitations issued in this regard.
  •  Explain the general sales tax law 6/1994 and its modifications.
  •  Practical examples and …………………….
  •  Past papers and tax exam and JCPA test preparations.
  •  أمثله عملية والمعالجة الضريبية للمكلفين.
  •  تعبئة الإقرارات الضريبية الخاصة بضريبة الدخل والمبيعات.

  •  Fresh accountant graduates.
  •  Fresh financial graduates.
  •  Experienced accountants who would like to improve their skills.
  •  Accountants who would like to pass the ESITS test.
  •  Accountants would like to pass the JCPA.
  •  Business owners.